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Trademark Registration

Process in which the owner of a trademark applies to the relevant authority to protect their trademark. It grants exclusive rights to use and identify products or services with that trademark.

Trademark License Agreement

Contract that allows the trademark owner to grant permission to another party to use the trademark under specific terms and conditions. It can benefit both parties by enabling the licensee to leverage a popular trademark and generate revenue for the trademark owner.

Propose/Reject Trademark

The process in which the relevant authority evaluates whether to accept or reject a new trademark registration application. It depends on various factors, including prior use or similarity to existing trademarks.

Trademark Extension

Extending the protection of a trademark after its initial term expires. Trademark owners must apply for renewal to maintain trademark protection.

Trademark Certificate

Involves creating an official copy of the registered trademark certificate. This certificate serves as proof of trademark ownership.

Transfer Trademark

The process of transferring ownership or usage rights of a trademark from one party to another, typically through a sale or licensing agreement.

trademark Name changing

Request for a name change for a trademark involves the process of altering the name of the owner or legal entity that owns the trademark. This may occur due to a change in ownership or business restructuring.

Trademark Objection

Document filed by a third party to contest or object to the registration of a specific trademark. It is usually based on grounds such as similarity to existing trademarks or genericness.

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