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      what is malware attack is malware? As its name suggests, malware is the malicious software that can destroy your computer system or steal your personal information.
      Malware comes in many disguises. It can appear as a harmless program, but when it enters your computer system, it acts like a virus to corrupt your system files and make your programs run slowly. Or, malware can be designed to take control over your entire computer system.
      The damage that can be caused by malware varies widely. Some malware is only capable of stealing passwords and credit card numbers; others are capable of making changes to your registry, which can even render your computer useless.
      Whatever the case may be, you cannot afford to underestimate the severity of the damage that can be caused by malware.
      It is important for you to protect yourself from malware attacks. In addition to installing anti-virus programs on your computer system, you should always avoid opening links or attachments from unknown senders, and refrain from downloading pirated software or files from dubious sources.

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